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History and present

The first Prague International Health Summit (IHS) took place in 2004. The motivation of its hosts was and is to bring practical experiences with leading innovations in healthcare organization and financing to Central and Eastern Europe and to adapt them into local context. The main features of IHS are high-profile speakers and a comprehensive program. The conference is primarily designed for managers of hospitals and other medical facilities, their owners or founders, doctors and nurses in leading positions, representatives of health insurance companies and public administration as well as pharmaceutical and medical devices companies and other suppliers to health care. The aim is to inspire them to change their institutions


„Prague International Health Summit 2018 was an interesting gathering of health care experts from various countries. Its breadth and depth make it unique and inspiring in many ways. It is interesting to hear what problems others encounter and how they solve them. I am already looking forward to the next year’s summit.“
Michal Čarvaš, Member of the Board, Jihočeské nemocnice a.s., Czech Republic

„Very valuable experience. Speakers from multiple countries have presented specific solutions of problems that lie ahead of us.“
Marián Faktor, Provider Relationship Manager, Dôvera zdravotná poisťovňa, Slovakia

„The Summit has become an important fixture among European Health Symposia and is a well organized opportunity to network and exchange experiences about the many professional challenges for European Healthcare Managers.“
Armin Fidler, Senior Lecturer, Management Center Innsbruck, Austria

„I consider the IHS konference to be a truly excellent platform, not only to enrich knowledge with current topics in the field of Slovak/Czech healthcare, but also to establish professional contacts with key leaders in the sector, which really enables sharing of useful experience and knowledge.“
Martin Hrežo, CFO, Penta Hospitals International a.s., Slovakia

„Prague IHS 2018 was an excellent opportunity to gain important and new information on high level. So this is a very valuable conference. Due to the broad occupational areas of the participants and high expertise of the lecturers this was also an outstanding possibility for extensive networking.“
Harald Maikisch, CEO, Landeskrankenhaus Feldkirch, Austria

„IHS brings to central Europe an excellent health care format. I would recommend it to everyone who is serious about health care and wishes to discover the best examples, stories and experience from all around the world.“
Martin Kultan, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, Dôvera zdravotná poisťovňa, Slovakia

„On behalf of Slovak patient organizations and Slovak patients, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to attend the IHS conference, which helped me to expand my knowledge, to listen to discussions about the need for changes in making networks, organizational structures, and improvement of cooperation between hospitals and individual providers. Patients in Slovakia need similar and beneficial changes to guarantee better, safer, and more humane care.“
Mária Lévyová, Director, Association for the Protection of Patients’ Rights, Slovakia

„IHS is an extraordinary conference especially because it provides specific examples of solutions provided by people in managerial roles in hospitals, mostly from abroad, which face the same challenges as the Czech health care system. The speakers openly share their experience how they successfully solved problems of optimisation of processes, quality and staff; issues that are related to provision of more demanding health care.“
Jiří Mrázek, Manager for Health Service Reimbursement, General Health Insurance Company (VZP), Czech Republic

„Integrating care and realigning health care systems and their stakeholders on the value they generate is a crucial task to keep our health care systems sustainable. IHS 2018 was a terrific opportunity to discuss the role of hospitals in this process and genuinely and personally connect with a very interesting mix of experts from around the world.“
Alexander Pimperl, Vice Chairman of the Board, OptiMedis AG, Germany

„I have always been searching for Prague IHS because they both define the main current healthcare problems and present their specific solutions through speakers who are very open to share their experience (both successes and failures) that we can really learn from.“
Dajana Petríková, Manager for Bed Care Purchase, Union zdravotná poisťovňa, a.s., Slovakia

„IH Summit is a platform that brings new viewpoints, ideas, and experience of other colleagues both from home and abroad. That allows the conference to provide a space where representatives of health care organisations can gain an inspiration to further improve the quality and effectiveness of services their organisations provide. All of that is delivered by high-quality and interesting speakers.“
Michal Stiborek,Director, Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Czech Republic

„Personally speaking, the topic of IHS was very attractive and up-to-date, especially from the point of view of Slovakia as we have lagged behind the Czech Republic for years.“
Alan Suchánek, Member of the Parliament, National Council, Slovakia

„IHS are two days in a year which allow its participants, with the range of ideas on how to do things in health care better, to forget the daily stereotype. For those who have not given up yet it is a place to recharge their batteries; for warhorses stuck in a routine it is an opportunity to update their social network. It is simply an event not to be missed.“
Pavel Vepřek, Member of the Board, Nemocnice Plzeňského kraje, Czech Republic


Prague IHS 2018 Prague IHS 2018

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