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10th Prague International Health Summit

Access for all in times of staff shortages

October 1-2, 2020 Prague, Czech Republic

We are preparing the 11th year of IHS for the year 2023
New forms of care and new roles of traditional providers are the long-term solution to staff shortages and other challenges we are facing: chronic diseases, population ageing, new technologies and social changes. At the Prague International Health Summit 2020 you will learn how new models work in practice and how to implement them in Central and Eastern Europe.
Pavel Hroboň | Executive Partner | Advance Healthcare Management Institute
To achieve better health gain as well as health care, the health systems in Europe need more than modern facilities, technologies and financing; they need health professionals open to new trends. This Summit 2020 explores how health sector leaders can borrow ideas and best practices from other nations to enhance the quality and effectiveness of health care and to achieve better patient and population health.
Jim Rice | Managing Director & Practice Leader | Gallagher Integrated


  • MB  Michael Bingham

    Vice president of Optage and Health Care Initiatives


  • van_laarhoven Henny van Laarhoven

    Director in Orbis Group


  • Karen Kirkham Karen Kirkham

    Clinical manager for health care systems


  • Kurt Waltenbaugh Kurt Waltenbaugh

    CEO Carrot Health


  • Angela SpatharouDr. Angela Spatharou

    McKinsey & Company


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Topics 2020

  1. Creating a modern network of hospitals
  2. Solving staff shortages in primary care
  3. Connecting hospital and outpatient services
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Documents to download

 ico pdf  Concept document (only czech version)
Access for all in times of staff shortages

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