The conference is held in English and Czech with simultaneous interpreting

Day 1 October 1

Conference opening

      • Conference opening

        Pavel Hroboň – Advance Healthcare Management Institute | CZ
    • Changing models of care provision to ensure access and quality

      Pavel Hroboň – Advance Healthcare Management Institute | CZ

Creating a modern system of hospital care

    • Transformation of national hospital networks

      Wilm Quentin – Berlin University of Technology | Germany

    • Restructuring emergent and urgent care in Slovakia

       Henrieta Tulejová - Advance Healthcare Management Institute| Slovakia

    • Human resources in new generation hospital Bratislava - towards efficient processes and patient safety

      Vladimír Dvorový – Svet zdravia | Slovakia

    • Lean management of the operating room in a large multi-specialty hospital

      Danny Hage – Johnson&Johnson |Netherlands

    • Panel discussion + Q&A



Integrating hospital and outpatient care 

  • Preventing avoidable hospitalizations via community outreach and use of technology

    Henny van Laarhoven – Orbis Group | Zuyderland, Netherlands

  • Care & Services for Seniors – From Fragmentation to Integration

    Michael Bingham – Presbyterian homes | USA

  • Patient segmentation to predict health risks

    Kurt Waltenbaugh – Carrot Health | USA

  • Integrating care for severely obese diabetic patients

    Daniel Hodyc – Advance Healthcare Management Institute |CZ

  • Panel discussion + Q&A

Day 2 October 2

Opening of Day 2 

    • opening of Day 2

      Jana Cigániková, Chairwoman of the Committee on Health Care, National Council of the Slovak republic

Impact of staff shortages in outpatient care 

  • Expected development of Outpatient Care Accessibility in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

    Lenka Šlegerová - Advance Healthcare Management Institute, s.r.o.| CZ

  • Navigating a path to the next normal for healthcare ecosystems: a focus on remote health.

    Dr. Angela Spatharou – McKinsey & Company | UK

  • Developing primary care networks as part of an integrated approach to out of hospital care

    Karen Kirkham – | NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group, UK

  • Role of payers in ensuring access

    Martin Kultan – Dovera health insurer| Slovakia

  • Panel discussion + Q&A

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